b. Cairo, Egypt 1985
Email : maialshazly@gmail.com

Mai Al Shazly an Egyptian visual artist working withphotography, video, and installation. Her work has been shown in several groupexhibitions in London, USA and Pairs. Most recently she has been participatedin Paris Biennale Des Photographes Du Monde Arabe Contemporain 2019, nominatedfor artist residence in Switzerland and showing her work during Verzasca FotoFestival 2018, exhibiting her collective work in Biennale Africaine de laphotographie at BAMAKO 2017, receiving self-organization fund through Mophradat2021, and both video art and experimental film production award throughGoethe Institute Kairo in collaboration with Contemporary Image Collective 2017,as well as a production funding grant through the Swiss Arts Council ProHelvetia Cairo 2016.

Al Shazly’s work tries to evoke the restrictions thathuman being experience in their life. She focuses on the identity and itsrelationship to the surrounding environment, whether city size, urban density,location and current political issues.

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