The Third Trace
Photography, installation and video project, 2018. 

The work I came up with during my stay in Switzerland is a part of integrated topic related to the identity of a given place. The approach I started with two years ago. I have continued investigating the relationship between identity and affect.

In the village of Cortasc, the work seeks to re define the geographical and cultural identity through the forsaken places in the south region of Switzerland. Mountain ranges as a physical structure that separates communities physically and socially a part.

By creating a visual dialogue between the body and these environments. Through my experimental performance to interact with the material and visual culture of this village.

Featured in the exhibitions, Verzasca Foto Festival 2018, curated by Alfio Tommasini, Swizerland. 
SHE TELLS, group exhibition, Cairo, 2018.

Installation view: From the village of Frasco to the Village Sonogno, Switzerland, 2018.

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